About Us

We match colleges to their ideal students. And vice versa.

What is every admissions office looking for? Great prospects. A great fit. This ensures the highest success rate for the college and the student. You can't find a better place to get real insight into a student, both academically and personally than RightStudent.

Recruit Your Ideal Students

With students applying to more schools per student than in years past, it is more critical than ever to be sure that you are marketing to and reaching the right students. If you are not using the proper tools or deploying the best message to the appropriate students, you are making work more for yourself, plain and simple. With RightStudent's suite of services and tools, you can more accurately reach the students that are most likely to choose to attend and subsequently thrive at your school. Your admissions office will find the process of identifying, recruiting and managing prospects much easier and more efficient, which benefits all involved, including the prospects themselves. You have the ability to refine your search for prospects to your desired outcome, using our online, cloud-based resources, data and tools. Save time, money and anguish today by signing up for our free demonstration and trial.

Support & Analytics

Student data is extraordinarily valuable; today more than ever. In most cases your pool of applicants is most likely larger than ever but your situation is unique. Some schools may be looking to fill seats even in the spring and others may have to pare down the hopefuls to an even smaller percentage of the original pool than in the past. Starting with solid, reliable data is the best way to avoid spending more time than necessary deciding who will be offered and using RightStudent means being able to easily analyze data to more efficiently arrive at an informed conclusion and confidently selecting your upcoming class. With RightStudent, you can start with highly desirable hand-raisers who have shown an interest in your school to ensure a short path to enrollment and securing a deposit. Alternatively, you may also choose to email a particular demographic directly to gauge interest in your college or university if you are in a position that requires filling a particular class or demographic on your campus.

Student Experience Is Key

In order to ensure a successful campaign and proper communication with the student, it is critical to make certain the student experience is a positive one, leaving them anxious to attend your school and perhaps even daydreaming about move-in day on your campus! The student is approached at the most opportune time and we will help you make sure your message is appropriate, enticing and successful. Getting the appropriate information across to ensure a great fit between you and each prospective student is going to be crucial to ensuring both student and college are served and satisfied. Fortunately for you, that is what and all we do. Just take a few minutes to watch our video presentation or contact us for a live demonstration with one of our team members. You will see how using RightStudent to fill your recruitment needs is the best way forward to continue to build a student body that successfully matriculates and thrives at your school.

Organic & Proprietary Student Source

Thousands of students seek out Scholarships.com every day. Most other sites have to buy traffic, but the leads you get through RightStudent are students who discovered Scholarships.com organically and have requested more information about colleges across the country. You can market to them based on YOUR criteria and needs, knowing they have already been identified as qualified prospects seeking information about pursuing a post-secondary education. When you reach out to this demographic they are much more likely to be receptive to the information you can offer and responsive to your email, postal packet or other communications.

Customizable Campaigns

Simply choose the message and demographic and then update them as often as you like. However you wish to pursue your ideal students, we will help you do customize your online campaigns and provide access for you to add or update them in the cloud. With access to the proper audience; one that is already primed for the college choice discussion, and the right message for each demographic therein, you can't miss. We offer both of these by providing the tools to access both online. You can create and/or update campaigns and access student data anywhere anytime

Warmer Leads

Discover students and communicate with top prospects in real time, even as they are in the process of researching their college options on Scholarships.com. You can log into your RightStudent account any time to find or review interested students. Download the leads anytime you like and/or have them delivered to you via email daily or weekly. The choice is yours... we just make it easier for you to use so that you can access and start processing them while they are still "fresh". Format is something that will not be an issue, as we provide the data in a format that is readily consumable for you, regardless of the system you are using to receive and process the information.