FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is RightStudent?

RightStudent helps recruiters and admissions officers – like you! – find the ideal students for their institutions. You will be able to search not only for students already interested in your school but you can also find students with the grades, extracurricular activities, test scores and demographics your school needs in a few easy steps. Contacting those students directly is just as simple, thanks to our targeted online recruiting and downloadable email and postal files.

How does RightStudent work?

After we activate an account for your school, you can start by creating an audience that suits your needs. Whether that means a GPA range, standardized test scores, academic majors or many other combinations of filtering criteria, we will help you get your message to the right student (see what we did there?). We are powered by and partnered with Scholarships.com, so when a student creates or modifies their Scholarships.com profile or otherwise indicates an interest in your school, they will be automatically added to your student list. You can also create an audience based on other criteria ranging from athletic ability to family income level to geographic location. The data generated by these searches can then be saved, exported or added to campaigns you are running.

How do campaigns work on RightStudent?

The campaigns you’ve created will appear in multiple locations of your custom audience’s Scholarships.com profiles. If they confirm that they are interested in your school, they will appear in your "Students" list and receive a personalized message detailing how and when a recruiter will get in touch with them.

Why should I use RightStudent?

While we’re sure your system is tried and true, RightStudent goes beyond what’s required on a typical college application. Often, the perfect applicants are overshadowed by students with higher GPAs or standardized test scores but the user-generated information you’ll access through RightStudent will let you see beyond what’s on paper and allow you to get to know who these students are as people and the assets they will be to your institution.

What can I do with the information I gain through RightStudent?

Anything you’d like! You can contact students individually via phone or email, use the easy-to-export data to create online and/or email recruiting blasts or even determine if your school should hold an in-person informational session in a region with many interested or qualified candidates. You can also consult our team of experts as to how to best utilize the student information you’ve obtained.

Will students be able to contact me directly?

Yes, they may easily contact you directly once they have expressed an interest in your school, something made easier if you provide them with specific, direct contact information. Upon opting into one of your campaigns, each student will receive an email notifying them that you have received their inquiry for more information. In that email, we encourage you to provide your contact information as well as links to your site that would be particularly helpful to students at this stage of the college search process. This way you may connect directly with the student and they with you.

Where does the student information come from?

RightStudent is powered by and partners exclusively with Scholarships.com. To access the Scholarships.com scholarship database, students must create a Scholarships.com profile and answer a series of questions about themselves. While we use this data to match student with their ideal scholarship awards, you will be able to use the information – which includes potential majors, extracurricular activities and family income level – to create your school’s target audience. Students are encouraged to fill out their profiles as completely as possible to ensure the best matches to schools and scholarships alike.